Typical anxiety issues highlighted by children and parents centre around failure, overcoming fears, passing sats, self-confidence, creative thinking, exams, keeping perspective, staying focused, self-reflection and freedom of expression. Amongst other things we use poetry, performance and positive engagement to enhance pupil prospects and encourage utilising resourceful, resilient cabilities and practices. A SidTALKS workshop can assist with many challenges or beliefs such as boosting inner values, building self-esteem or transitioning through unhelpful behaviours. Group sessions are designed around lesson periods to be impactful for pupils and focus on a long-term view of their needs, with an option for one-to-one development as well. We will help to encourage, motivate and inspire your pupils on all levels to be centred, self-reflecting and aspirational by promoting healthy values, well-being and positive behavioural change. Let's discuss your values and mission statement to see how a SidTALKS can support your needs.


Sid works closely with you to provide a bespoke workshop, ensuring the best possible outcome for all. There is a slightly informal yet natural structure to this approach.Creating a realistic framework of support for pupils to make the most of practical and usable tools, which 

encourage personal development. 


The exciting thing about structured workshops is they can and do take on many forms. Allowing pupils to take ownership of the plan encourages them to own the outcome. There is little expectation that anything will work and great motivation and belief that everythng will work. And do remember it's fun. Serious fun! A break from the possibly serious school routine.

Well done and  a massive thanks to all the fantastic children across the UK who took part in my World Record at the end of April, with me alongside the Morton Michel bears as part of Childrens Activities Week (#CAW18). We had 7638 of you  involved across multiple locations at exactly the same time up and down the country copying actions to music. All for a very worthy cause -the Caudwell Children charity and The Childrens Activities Association. Kids helping kids- l Iove that! If you missed the song and dance routine click PLAY on the bar below. Check out the lyrics and moves on YouTube or my twitter feed. Top Tip- Brain booster: It's a bit of exercise fun for Primary age kids;- it will raise the heart rate for a few minutes and is scientifically proven to give that brain a good boost as well. A perfect way to start the educational day. Watch out for when it speeds up though!


Copy Song - Sid Soane
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